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C Malcolm Brickman lives in Malibu, California.  Trained as a documentary filmmaker at Stanford University’s graduate Master’s programme, she  has worked in the arts for over 20 years as a creative director and producer.  


“I have always been fascinated with the way light illuminates an environment. Much like theatre, a luminous image emerges in the frame and it’s the shadow I often look for when capturing the shot.  

Sometimes that shadow is a reflected image which isn’t just a mirror, but a ghost image with a secondary narrative.


I am influenced by mediums outside the photographic genre.  One of my earliest inspirations that continues to push me to explore is the mezzotint master Hamaguchi Yozo, whose Bottle with Yellow Lemons has influenced several of the pieces in this collection.  


Light artist, marc brickman, taught me to see light as an animated source of energy and the mystery of negative space.  My photographs of his work try to capture the impossibly ephemeral rapid firing of light exploding in negative space.  When the lens connects to his paintings of light, it’s magic in the box.


Seeing the world through a lens, I am struck by the idea of truth.  What I choose to frame is a curated truth that exists within the image.  But what is the story left outside that frame?  I hope some of my photographs lead you to wonder beyond the image.  

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